Our Annual World Health Assembly Simulation

Designed to expose the realities of global health policy


Mason Model World Health Organization Conference

The Mason Model World Health Organization Conference is a one-day student-organized conference hosted in Fairfax, VA by the MasonWHO Secretariat and partnering student organizations.

From international politicians to neuroscientists to bioengineers,  the MWHO conference creates a space for undergraduate students from all academic backgrounds to exchange ideas and engage in global health policy that goes beyond traditional classroom teachings. This conference is meant to mimic the political, social, cultural, and economic realities defining global health policies. Participants will prepare to take on the role of a country, important individual, reporter, company, or agent while debating and preparing legislation. Finally, delegates will vote on resolutions that could potentially be forwarded to the WHO headquarters for consideration and published in the final conference proceedings book.

Learn more about World Health Assembly here!

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Created by Jonathan Sanchez

(Last update: 05-25-2020)

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