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What is MasonWHO?

The Mason Model World Health Organization (MasonWHO) Conference is a simulation of a WHO General Assembly where student delegates are provided a platform to deliberate on global health policies. From international politicians to neuroscientists to bioengineers, MasonWHO creates a space for undergraduate and graduate students from all academic backgrounds to exchange ideas and engage in global health policy that goes beyond traditional classroom teachings. We enable students to learn more through a variety of programming through the application of an annual theme. At our capstone conference, delegates will debate, prepare legislation, and vote on resolutions that will address and attempt to solve current concerns in global health.

The Conference is hosted at George Mason University (Fairfax, VA) by the MasonWHO Secretariat with the support of partnering student organizations, and academic departments.











Our Mission

Provide a flexible platform for students to become involved in global health regardless of experience and to facilitate multidisciplinary discussions on global health matters.

Our Goals
  1. engage in multidisciplinary, collaborative problem solving and advocacy;

  2. network with like-minded, globally-oriented students;

  3. develop resolution writing skills and learn from like-minded individuals;

  4. utilize rules of order and proceedings typical of deliberative assemblies adopted by international health authorities among many worldwide organizations; and

  5. apply knowledge of global health in a realistic setting to develop a better understanding of how ideas, reality, and international affairs come together to produce definitive doctrine in global health.

Our History


Theme: Global Emergency Responses 

Executive Director: Asra Ahmad

Date: April 8-9, 2017 


Theme: Chronic Illnesses 

Executive Director: Nattacha Munakata

Date: April 13, 2019

Milestone: Began Monthly Meetings 


Theme: To be announced 

Executive Director: Jonathan Sanchez

Date: TBD 


Theme: Refugee Health 

Executive Director: Sameen Yusuf 

Date: April 9-10, 2016 


Theme: Drugs - Policies, Practices, and Prevention 

Executive Director: Aisha Shafi

Date: April 14, 2018 


Theme: Infectious Diseases 

Executive Director: Tiajah Valerio

Date: Postponed to Oct 2020 

Executive Director: Sameen Yusuf

Logistics Director I :Catriona Gates

Logistics Director II: Helen Evans

Theme Director: Asha Athman

Finance Director: Rosse Ariscain

Delegate Resource Coordinator: Zeinab Safi

Internal Communications: Rebecca Dooley

External Communications: Asra Ahmad

Chief of Staff: Leila Taweel

2016 Secretariat

2016 Theme Guide

Refugee Health

2016 OSCAR Research Poster

2016 Program Guide

Executive Director: Asra Ahmad

Logistics Director: Sarmat Chowdhury

Theme Director: Alexis Bracey

Finance Director: Aisha Shafi

Delegate Resource Coordinator: Mitra Kashani

Delegate Resource Coordinator: Matthew Owens

Internal Communications: Zanib Cheema 

External Communications: Bahar Gheyeszada

Graphic Designer: Priyanka Bitra

Chief of Staff: Rumana Ahmed 

2017 Secretariat

2017 Theme Guide

Global Emergency Responses

2017 Program Guide

Executive Director: Aisha Shafi

Logistics Director I : Nattacha Munakata

Logistics Director II: Aaliyah Lambert

Theme Director: Matthew Owens

Finance Director: Tiajah Valerio 

Delegate Resource Coordinator: Shahreen Hussain

Delegate Resource Coordinator: Minnie Dhwan

Communications Director: Jonathan Sanchez 

Chief of Staff: Tandis Nejat 

2018 Secretariat

2018 Theme Guide

Drugs: Practices, Policies, and Prevention

2018 Program Guide

Executive Director: Nattacha Munakata

Logistics Director: Tiajah Valerio

Finance Director: Minnie Dhwan

Delegate Resource Coordinator: Bridget Anim

Internal Communications: Jonathan Sanchez

External Communications: Pearl Tak

Chief of Staff: Shahreen Hussain

2019 Secretariat

2019 Theme Guide

Chronic Illness

2018 Program Guide

Executive Director: Tiajah Valerio

Logistics Director: Anfel Bouzid

Theme Director: Nuha Anwar

Finance Director: Jonathan Sanchez

Delegate Resource Coordinator: Briguett Allou

Communications Director: Bridget Major

Chief of Staff: Luz Ortiz

2020 Secretariat

Check back soon for the 2020 Theme Guide and Program Booklet

Your Benefits

We value student engagement and we want to make sure you have access to opportunities that expose you to a better understanding of global health policy. You'll have the following benefits from being a member: 

- Gain an understanding and awareness of global health issues
- Understand the methods and procedures of the WHO General Assembly
- Gain valuable research experience through one of our offerings:
                                    - A Group Research Project
                                    - Theme Team Researchers
                                    - Individual Research as a Delegate
- Contribute to meaningful mentorship experience to high school students
- Access student panels on graduate programs for futures in health careers.
- Be involved in a monthly research journal club focusing on global health
- Receive delegate training to prepare for the annual MWHO Conference
- Volunteer in a bi-monthly program that contributes to the annual theme
- Become a part of creating and advocating for policy focusing on solving public health issues

- Develop presentation and debate skills 
- Join monthly meetings and discussions focusing on understanding the challenges facing global health

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